Look Beautiful in Winter

winter clothing

Usually, for many people winter is the season of wearing thick jackets and sweaters. But winter does not have to be boring unfashionable season. You can look fashionable and keep yourself warm and protected too using few tricks.



Choose correct layers and fabric:
It is very important to create proper layers of your clothes. Choose clothing material like wool and silk. These materials provide warmth and do not create excessive bulge on the body. Choose good quality fitting sweater or silk shirt. As a third layer, nice shawl gives a great flexibility while switching between warmer indoors and cold outdoors.

Thermal Underwear:
Seamless tight fitting thermal underwear keeps you warm without creating any bulk. This will keep you warm and you can avoid a layer of clothing.

Hat, scarf and gloves:
During chilly winter season, it is very important to protect hands, neck, ears and head from cold. If you buy them separately, it will look disconnected. Buy a set of hat, scarf and gloves in stores or online which is a lot economical. So it will protect you from cold and will look great as well.

Jacket/ Coat:
A good coat is a great addition to your wardrobe. Choose coat shape and size carefully. Buy a coat that is flattering to your body shape with a good fit. Do not buy a coat which is loose or over-sized. If you have a budget for only one coat or jacket, choose neutral or black shades.

Keeping feet warm and cozy makes you comfortable in harsh winter. You need good woolen socks. Make sure you have multiple socks, as worn out socks can be very itchy and uncomfortable.

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