Juicy Benefits : Chart of Juices and Benefits

juices good for health

Why Juice when we can have vegetables and fruits raw?

Fruits and Vegetable Juices are not substitute for eating vegetables and fruits, but juicing provides many advantages.

We tend to eat same vegetables, but with juicing, we can make variety of fruit and vegetable combination. Example, it’s difficult to prepare a dish with Amla, Tulasi and Orange. However, you can juice all together. Juicing is an efficient manner of making your body absorb all the important food and vegetable nutrients. Juices can be used to complete daily requirement of 5-6 vegetable and fruits servings.

Here is a chart of juice and their benefits

Always use freshly prepared juices for maximum benefits. Use wide variety of vegetables and fruits. Mix in herbs like neem, tulasi and spices like cinnamon. Use Ginger or rock salt instead of sugar or salt.


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