How to select healthy and nutritious bread


‘Which bread should I choose? which one is good for my health?’ Many health conscious people ask this question while roaming in Bread isle at Grocery store.

The two main types of of grain products – whole grains and refined grains. The whole grains contain the entire grain kernel (bran, germ, and endosperm). And refined grains have been processed and no longer contain the bran and germ. This refining process removes fiber, iron and vitamin B. Sometimes these vitamin and minerals are added back in proportion later in the bread making process. Healthier bread contains whole grains. Whole grains are richer in vitamins, minerals and fiber.

Here are some points to decide the healthiest and nutritious bread for you.

Choose Whole Wheat Breads

brown breadTo identify if bread is made with whole wheat, the key words to look for on the ingredient list are ‘whole wheat’,’100% whole wheat flour’ , ‘whole wheat flour’ or’wholemeal flour’. One of these should ideally be the first or second ingredient. Terms like “enriched wheat flour”, “unbleached wheat flour”, and “wheat flour” are different terms for processed white flour.



High Fiber Contents 

Fiber has many benefits to health. While choosing bread, look for at least 2 to 3 gram per slice. Whole wheat breads generally have good amount of fiber.

Low calorie Breads

Try to choose bread low in calories. Lighter version of breads is available which provides 40 calories per slice without compromising the taste. Light breads have fewer calories than regular breads because of Mmre air, added fiber and thinner slices. Light breads are usually low fat.

Zero trans fats and Low Sodium

Look the bread with 0 grams of trans fat and low sodium.

Check the serving size and slice thickness

If you’re on low calorie diet, choose a bread with thin slices. this way you will consume fewer calories with same number of slices consumed.

Don’t be fooled by name, claims and color

Some breads have claims like “natural whole grain goodness”,”multi grain” or “made with natural whole grain”. Verify the ingredients before buying the bread. Remember, the first ingredient should be whole wheat. Also, brown color does not ensure that the bread is made from whole grains. It could be because of coloring agent like caramel.

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